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Subject The First Party Convention: Mr. Hong, Joon Pyo Was Elected as the Presidential Candidate of the Liberty Korea Party

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Mr. Hong, Joon Pyo was elected as the presidential candidate of the Liberty Korea Party at the first party convention on March 31st.



Presidential Candidacy Acceptance Speech


Today marks the 22nd year since I joined this Party. Amid the impeachment chaos, today, the Party candidate for the presidential election has been decided. I am overwhelmed with emotion. In the meantime, I have felt anxious and have been unable to sleep. Today, we are also reminded that President Park Geun-hye was ousted and arrested. This is a day when I feel as if she has been the subject of double jeopardy. I wonder if it is time for the people to forgive her.


Honorable comrades, the sturdy wall against which we have been relying has collapsed. We must not lament over the remains of that wall. We are running out of time. Hong Joon Pyo will become a trustworthy strong new wall for the Korean people and the Liberty Korea Party (LKP) as president. At this moment, a people’s revolution has been rallied by the opposition party. We are in a state of anarchy. There is no government to replace, despite the repeated calls for change from the opposition party.


Our immediate task is to establish a new government on May 9th. Europe’s left-wing has fallen. South America’s left-wing has fallen. The leaders of the four great powers surrounding our country—Trump in the United States, Abe in Japan, Xi Jinping in China and Putin in Russia— are all far right-wing nationalists. If a fragile left-wing administration takes office on May 9th in the midst of a far-right nationalist movement sweeping the world, the Republic of Korea will be entering a dark tunnel with no end in sight. This is an era that calls for a resolute strongman. That is why Hong Joon Pyo hopes to become a proud president elected through the power of the people. I will become a distinguished president who rapidly restores national stability and creates a Republic of Korea where everyone prospers.


Third, the electoral landscape. The main candidates for this presidential election includes one betwixt and between on the left and Hong Joon Pyo from the right. The playing field is not level. Yesterday, I saw a poll of 1000 potential voters. When first asked whether they were conservative rightists, liberal leftists or centrists, only 87 out of the 1000 subjects replied that they had conservative right wing views. The rest identified as being in the center or as liberal left-wing. The poll itself is an unlevel playing field. Those with right-wing views did not respond because of the impeachment. Now, with ex-president Park Geun-hye arrested, the impeachment is over. Members of the Bareun Party (BP) who triggered the ousting  should now return to their home Party. We will keep our gates open and wait for your return. I will await the grand reintegration of the conservative party. By doing so, I hope to become a president who succeeds in reuniting the conservative right-wing.


Fourth, national security risks. The North Korean nuclear crisis has not been resolved. While we have been trying for 20 years to find a diplomatic solution to the North Korean nuclear issue through the six-party talks, North Korea’s nuclear technology development has neared completion. When I become president, I will promptly enter into negotiations with the United States to redeploy tactical nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula. Such measures have been conducted by NATO in Germany, Italy and Turkey, each of which has American nuclear weapons stationed on its soil. I will immediately initiate negotiations with the United States to redeploy nuclear weapons and provide shared control over the nuclear switch. I will also create a Marine Special Forces Command Center to counter the nearly 200 thousand North Korean special operation force soldiers. The Special Forces shall be a part of the South Korean Army, trained to combat the North Korean XI Army Corps and the Special Operation Forces (NKSOF). By doing so, I shall become a strong president who defends national security.


Fifth, I will promote business as my top priority. Article 112-1 of our Constitution talks about the liberal market economic order.  Article 112-2 also mentions economic democratization. In principle, a liberal and democratic market economic order must be pursued, but under the current political state, it is as if economic liberalization has become the main economic issue of the Republic of Korea, making the sub-clause the main clause. I will not tolerate any pressure, squeezing or attempts to criminalize businesses. I will loosen regulations for corporations. I will reshape the Republic of Korea into a country where investments can be made freely, where hundreds of trillions of won in retained earnings are unleashed to create Korean jobs, and where young people can freely achieve their dreams and hopes. I will revitalize the economy for those with lower incomes. For instance, restaurants have closed down because of the Kim Young-ran Act (anti-graft law). Flower shop sales have been reduced. I will change the maximum allowable meal-gift-wedding cash gift rule of 3-5-10 to 10-10-5. I went to a Japanese restaurant and found that the waiters had been fired. They could no longer sell 30 thousand won meals. They cannot afford to pay massive rents. That is why the limit on meals and cash gifts should be raised to 100 thousand won.  Agricultural and livestock product sales are dismal. On the other hand, wedding gifts in the form of cash should be reduced to 50 thousand won. The current limit of 100 thousand won is a burden on ordinary people, who feel as if it is a rule to pay that much. I will lower the wedding gift limit to 50 thousand won. What I’m proposing is that one must first understand how the lower income economy works before putting forth new ideas. In this way, I will become a job-creating president and a president for ordinary citizens.


Sixth, what made people most furious about the Choi Soon Sil scandal was the wrongdoing by a single young lady, Chung Yoo-ra. She stated that “money is competence and having an influential background is competence.” That kind of speech infuriates the people. The fury felt by parents stems from these comments. I will attempt to create a fair society where neither money nor an influential background counts. In doing so, I hope to become a righteous president.


Seventh, there is no longer a “pro-Park” faction in this Party. There are no factions. The reason why there are no factions is because, for the first time in Korea’s political history of ruling and opposition parties, I am the only presidential candidate representing a Party without an attachment to specific factions. Is there anyone in the history of Korea’s National Assembly, across the ruling or opposition camps, who rose to become a presidential candidate without their own faction or distinct pedigree? Hong Joon Pyo is the first. With Hong Joon Pyo as candidate, perhaps factionalism has come to an end? There are no factions left. Everyone in this party must come together as one without regard for factions. Why were former presidents unable to succeed? They were supported by unique factions during the open primary, they become candidates with support from their factions, and when they entered the Blue House with their factions, they tended to pay more attention to their factions, which led to their demise. Their terms all ended in tragedy. For the first time in Korea, a presidential candidate with no faction has emerged. That is why I will not become a president for a particular faction, but a president for all people. I will become president for you and this Party.


Eighth, my father was uneducated. He did not graduate elementary school, he never even went to school. My mother was illiterate. She never learned how to read Hangeul. My father passed away 40 years ago, and my mother passed away 20 years ago. I come from a lowly background. Hong Joon Pyo inherited less than a penny from his parents. I come from a common family. In ancient times, I would have been from the bottom social class. Yet, that man with no background has become the presidential candidate representing this Party, which established our country, achieved industrialization and cemented democratization under President Kim Young Sam. All this was possible because we had dreams. It was possible because we lived our lives based on those dreams. I will not become a wealthy president or a president chased by poverty. Instead, I will become a president with dreams. In order to create a world in which young people and ordinary citizens may dream and unfold their own ideas, I pledge to you this day that I will not become a president who chases financial gain, I will not become a wealthy president, but I will become a president who chases dreams. My lifetime mentor is neither General Lee Soon-shin, nor King Sejong the Great or even Kim Goo. It is my mom. Even though I am over 60, my lifetime mentor remains my mom. I paid a visit to her grave before my candidacy and bowed down to her. She did not know how to read. When I was living on my own during middle school in Daegu, my mother would travel from our rural home to the city. Because she could not read, I used to tell her which bus number to take, Mom you need to take this bus. Even though she may not have been the best educated, she was dedicated to us and loved her husband, children and family. My lifetime mentor is my mom. My final lifetime dream is to become president so that I can bring prosperity to kind-hearted people like my mom. That is my final dream.


This Party is home to youth representative Shin Yong-han, jobs advocate Ahn Sang-soo, nuclear advocate Won Yoo-chul, conservative commentator Kim Jin, “Phoenije [Phoenix+(Rhee In) Je]”, mentor Kim Guan-yong, Taegukgi warrior Kim Jin-tae and Cho Gyeong-tae, conqueror of regionalism. Let us pool our strength with everyone aboard and establish a right-wing government on the 9th of May!


I am confident that I will be able to subdue candidate Moon Jae In within 10 minutes, given the chance, so there is no cause for worry. Let us hide no more. Let us not be ashamed. This Party has begun anew with Hong Joon-pyo at its helm. The Party that founded this country, pursued industrialization, and achieved democratization under President Kim Young-sam, will now transform the Republic of Korea into an advanced nation. The Party capable of this feat is none other than the Liberty Korea Party. This Party moves this country. This Party is at the center of this country. Let us not be ashamed but emerge together under strong leadership on the 9th of May. I ask for your collective commitments to ensure that a right-wing government takes office.


Thank you all.



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